Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tragic Times

My last post came just days before two incredibly bizarre and tragic events took place.  One in my own community and the other on the other side of the world, in China. 

My post, Heed the Call of the Women, could not have been more timely, as it addresses the very
causes of the two tragedies, one in our community where a husband and father destroyed his entire family,  and the other where the apathy our world has for its youngest and most vulnerable was represented in China with the running over of and subsequent death of a two year old girl....

We must as human beings, embrace our fragile selves, physically and psychologically, and be forgiving to ourselves as well as to others.
The tenderness that was absent in both situations came due to the sick and diseased state we have allowed ourselves to sink to, a state that abhors gentleness and compassion, seeing those two as weaknesses.  A society that values brutality, power and aggression will find these kinds of tragedies more commonplace.   When bullies reign the "playground",  we have lost our souls and people begin to self immolate, as Tibetans now do in China...
It's time to stop doing and begin healing each other and ourselves. 
The first step is to cherish our pain, our fragile selves, and the pain and fragility of those around us.

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