Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guy McPherson's Blog, Nature Bats Last, is down

Guy's page at has been down since yesterday.
No explanation.  He's trying to fix it.  The theory is that it has purposely been brought down,
and that it is under attack.  It wouldn't be the first time our govt. trashed the constitution, and impinged on our right to free speech.  Here's Guy's most recent article at Transition Voice exposing the indiscriminate spying on American citizens and shredding of our Constitutional rights: Disobedience, The True Foundation of Democracy 

Here is one possible reason having this as public knowledge scares the crap out of our fascist govt: Pentagon Prepares for Unrest

Many of Guy's supporters, including Michael C. Ruppert, long familiar with govt interference in his free speech, have suggested mirroring to help Guy get out the truth he shares.  
Robin Westenra has done exactly that on his blog page.   

Here is all the truth you can handle, and that the PWTB don't want you to know about.