Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOTU Fail!

Last night the president showed us his spunk and verve and some of his cards up his sleeves.  He opened with killing Osama and he closed with killing Osama.  All the other stuff about killing Osama is window dressing.  Basically he was saying "Dude, I killed Osama. Re-elect me."

But there were other things he was saying couched in his hope and change rhetoric.  Most of them were mixed messages and showed he was blatantly pandering to both sides. I don't think he got the memo yet that the neo-cons don't care how much he's like them, and no matter how much he caves to them, he's always going to be a socialist, fascist, racist liberal to them. 
Only Democrats will vote for this guy and even they are fleeing the hope & change bandwagon.  They saw what a bunch of lies it was.  And progressives like me are actually starting take up prayer... Not that that ever worked either: Two term Bush vs entire planet praying...

Some of the tweets I saw last night mirrored what I was thinking and feeling about this failed speech.
Oh I know many thought it was home run.  It failed, but not for the reasons the fascist Republican party thinks.
Here's a  bit of what I noticed:
That he was pissed. How nice for him. 
That women should be paid the same as men for the same jobs. Duh. Pass a friggin law to that effect!
And while you're at it, pass a frigging law that requires 50% of congress/senate be made up of women.
This 10% crap is wearing on the nation. Women make up 51% of the nation! WE are keeping it running and without any political power!  Imagine what kind or real change a bunch of moms could make!
That you can't encourage creativity in teaching while promoting merit pay, and how do you keep kids from dropping out (though I think that is a great idea to make kids graduate)when they are 18?  
That hydrofracking for natural gas is NOT clean energy no matter how many times you say it, and neither is opening up 75% of off shore oil wells to BP again... So when he says he's not walking away from renewables I agree. He's SPEED walking away... Manhattan has 8 million souls living in it so his plan of providing solar and wind power to 250,000 people in our entire nation is, at best, LAME! 
That publicly telling Israel you will happily bomb the hell out of Iran is NOT a peace olive branch to anyone!
That touting money making and manufacturing jobs (aka greed) is not caring for those who are unemployed, underemployed, unemployable or retired, and the re-employment program is hopefully more successful than it's been the last few decades, umm it's also known as the unemployment office. The 47% who make so little as to not even qualify for paying taxes are known as the working poor. Oh, they weren't mentioned, never mind.
That making the wealthy pay their fare share is a nice idea, except that they get to make that decision (congress is wealthy and gets to participate in inside trading!)... Hmmm I wonder what's gonna happen? 
That helping illegal immigrants become naturalized citizens may not be what so-called illegals want.  They want jobs that Americans don't want, so offering illegals an opportunity to become citizens rather than offering them real work visas is a false promise of hope and change... Remember that Mexico has a lower infant mortality rate than the US. Who would want to give up a medical care system that values babies for the US one?
Did he mention health care? I was spinning out on the clean Hydrofracking BS for most of the rest of the speech.  I agree with him that it's important for the Hydrofrackers to tell the people what kinds of poisons they are using to destroy their ground water with.... That way the local hospitals and Vetenarians will know how to treat the people and animals dying from the poisons.  It helps to know what poisons and toxins you're dealing with... (facepalm)

So, it was a terrific speech and yay, four more years of lameness....
Don't get me wrong...  Obama is a saint next to the demonic minions campaigning on the other side, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it... I'm not happy about it one bit.
I'll take a lame, caver over an enthusiastic destroyer of worlds (Newt, Mitt, Paul, Santorum).

Any day. "sigh"

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  1. Update on my opinion of Obama.
    Worst president ever.